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Name: Peter Moriarty

Title: Archangel

Gender: Male

Species: Animal human (Red Fox)

Age: 24

Occupation: Marine

Crew: N/A

Rank: Captain

Height: fox- 4 feet head to tail
hybrid- 5'9"
Giant- 6'8"

Weight: fox- 10 lbs
hybrid- 137 lbs
Giant- 173lbs

Fur- He is black with blood red stripes all throughout the black.
Eye's- His eyes having gained human qualities gained a deep purple hue with a ring of bright sky blue directly around the iris.
Basic- His look in both hybrid and giant remain the same only difference being the increased proportions in size and scale when swapped between the two forms. The look is that of a anthropomorphic fox standing in hybrid form around the size of a average human his entire being covered in fur also maintaining his long busy tail. His ears and muzzle have grown in proportion to his new found size and stature maintaining the look of his cute smaller fox self while gaining a dangerous vibe if angered. His front paws are now transformed into clawed hands while his feet retain there pawed form rather than gaining human digits. His regular fox self is tiny, cute, and adorable.

Clothing- He wears a slightly loose fitting Officers outfit redesigned to accommodate his tail. On his shirt and coat they are buttoned up a little over halfway leaving part of his chest showing all the time. draped over his back is a longer than average marine coat worn properly rather than like a cape. On his right and left wrists are two armbands with small dials allowing the ability to push and pull (levitate esintially) an object containing or attached to the corresponding dial.

He has is normally very quiet and shelled still adjusting to now having human sentience and capabilities. He is though very quick to jump to the aid of others in danger, aimed specifically at protecting the weak and innocent from the evils in the world having gained a sense of moral justice similar to his father's. He maintains a calm and keen stance during battle not letting many things get to him remaining composed in nearly all situations unlike his dad who is far more gruff if pushed into a corner. Only hurting his father or someone he has grown attached to will truly set him off sending him into a feral state becoming less refined in combat but far less predictable as well.

Spear/Halberd (Haut de ciel)- His spear stands as tall as his giant form so when he is in human form it stands about a foot bigger than him. The spears head is a long pointed blade with three crescent moon blades descending from biggest to smallest below it along the shaft. The bottom of the blade forms into a round ball with a 4 inch spike jutting out from it. Along the shaft itself spiraling up around the shaft is a heavenly lung dragon with the dragons head resting just at the flat of the blade with its front claws almost appearing to be holding the blade. Embedded within the center of the blade is the corresponding dial that connects with the dial in his left hands wrist band allowing him to push and pull it almost like levitation. The blades have a outer coating of sea stone with the spike and ball at the base being coated to.

Shield (Porte cieux)- (…) Picture for reference for shields design. The shield stands nearly as tall as him in his hybrid state . The center of the shield has the Symbol of the world Government etched onto it. The shield is a pure white with the boarder lined with a deep blue edging. The world Government symbol is in gold. On the back of the shield at the center crafted into the handle is the dial connected to the dial in his right hands wrist band. Allowing like the spear to push and pull it.

(Side note on the pushing and pulling the pulling aspect is strong allowing him to bring it to him from large distances quickly normally enough to yank it from, other hands should they try grabbing either. The pushing aspect though is slow and only usable for pushing both items back into the sky.)

Armor- He wears a tight fighting fully flexible suit of armor not hindering his movement in the least. (…) The armor looks close to the pictured armor but less bulky and the shoulders have a wing like design to them. For a helmet he wears a helm with a eagle like design to it the opening of the front of the helm widened enough to allow unobscured vision with a horsetail attachment at the back of the helm. On the breast plate of the armor the symbol of the marines is raised on the metal. The armor is painted a brilliant white with gold edgings and the marine symbol in gold as well. The fabric covering from the waist down on the armor is colored a brilliant deep blue with the trim being in white.

Abilities/Skill Level: (Unskilled, Novice, Adept, Expert, Master, Grand Master

Expert- martial arts weapon combat, having spent his years watching as a fox watching marines train in the combat style he had recorded what he saw mentally not realizing at the time what it was or how it worked but finding it graceful yet deadly. Though upon gaining the human sentience after eating the giant fruit the ability to comprehend what he had seen over the years and how to apply it in combat correctly began falling into place relatively easily, now learning faster than most having had the years of watching still in his mind and using the natural flexibility of a fox to his advantage.

Novice- Armament Haki, his skill in it is greater than his fathers able to do the basics of armament haki with little trouble but is still training to eventually master it one day.

Unskilled- Marksmanship just like his father he is completely incapable of using anything that deals with range being a worse shot than his dad actually more likely to shoot himself than anything else.

Unskilled- Swordsmanship, his skill in martial arts weapons is great but in base line sword combat his skill is so low that he is able to be beaten in mere seconds of fighting with a sword.

Novice-Navigating His skill is only thanks to his animal instincts allowing him to pinpoint where home is so to speak but not much else outside of using his keen hearing and smell to figure out where he is going.

Novice- DF he is only capable of reaching a size of a giant man when in giant form and regular sized human when in hybrid due to little training with his df though not caring much to do so as he hasnt found much care to attempt mastering it further content with just being able to be a human.

History: He began his life remembering feeling a grave heat crying out as a pup still to young to have opened his eyes so is unsure of 100% of what transpired, only knowing that he had been saved by the one he would come to call his father James. Weeks later after his eyes had opened he was able to look upon the one who had saved him, a smith in the marines first setting his eyes upon him and his home a large workshop with tools and gear all around him. He learned quickly how to help out where he could bringing things when needed though not at the time understanding the base concepts behind what he would bring for his dad to work with and such. As the days, and years passed he would grow into a strong young curious fox spending most days while his father worked watching marines train in martial arts combat in one of Marinefolds dojo's memorizing what they were doing currently thinking that it was a very pretty mating dance. One day though while watching the oldest of the instructor noticed him watching intently and picking him up took him to the garden training grounds, where upon the master day in and day out would practice and show skills to Peter having sensed a uniqueness in him and feeling that one day somehow he would come, to appreciate what was shown and understand what it meant. And so the years passed the events continuing ever onwards. During one of these days his life would drastically change as his father would rush in carrying a unique looking fruit. Watching with curiosity he watched his father set the fruit down while the mentor and James talked slightly in disagreement on something or another, but ignoring that he approached the odd fruit having not eaten and hungry. Taking a large bite he gaged forcing himself to swallow the fruit gagging from the horrible taste as he heard two loud gasps turning to see his mentor and James jaws dropped and eyes wide wondering what was wrong until he felt very odd stumbling backward as he found himself growing in size watching as his front paws began to morph into clawed hands. Breathing heavily and in a slight daze and panic his mind was the final part to catch up as human level intelligence flooded forth all the things he had seen, and witnessed over the years, flooding his mind and now anchoring in and making sense all the while frightning him nearly causing him to run off afraid if his mentor and James hadn't stepped forward holding him back working to calm him down. Trembling the uphorea set in as his heart rate slowed sweat dripping from him as, in surprise to himself human word came forth his voice that of a teenager just before puberty. So his mentor and dad sat him down working to keep him calm and explained what had happened, revealing that he had just eaten a devil fruit specifically of the zoan class and one of the few models of human fruit what model they didn't know. Standing up working to keep his balance and new posture walked forward a headache setting in as his size suddenly grew more stopping when he had reached the height of a over sized human before shrinking back to the regular sized hybrid thus revealing the model to be giant. Following those events he would spend the next years training with his mentor in private detaching himself some from his dad so he could, learn more about the world by himself and grow stronger. He would a year later after getting used to his new self join the marines formally continuing his training with his mentor, growing in combat ability easily surpassing his father in that aspect. He would also finally determine his current age at the time was 17 by human standards now having a human life span rather than a normal animals. He would spend the years following training learning finding out that he was well suited for combat using pole arms either by themselves or with a shield, while also accompanying his father out on escapades to gather materials having to drag him out of bad situations, that being situations that his dads hammer smacking people couldn't get him out of. Finally he would begin to step forward and make himself known to the world after the tournament at biscuit-well had ended with his dads easy defeat, knowing that it was now his turn to step up and handle the tasks his father could not.

Extra: After gaining sentience he spends more time away from his father now trying to see and understand the world more through his own eyes and actions wanting to grow more now on his own.

The Checklist

Devil Fruit: hito hito no mi: model giant
Haki: armament


United States
One Piece Fanatic

Current Residence: Enies Lobby Gates of Justice leading to Impel Down
deviantWEAR sizing preference: whats this???
Print preference: portrait or landscape dosen't relly matter to me
Favourite genre of music: will try anything at least once
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Favourite style of art: fantasy
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Wallpaper of choice: Rod Lucci (Leopard Form)
Skin of choice: Rob Lucci, Sir Crocodile
Favourite cartoon character: Between Rob Lucci of CP9 and Sir Crocodile of The Seven Warlords of The Sea
Personal Quote: I will protect my friends and the ones I love to my Dying breath(with the lord to guide me)

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