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Name: Magnus Cornum
Epithet; The Iron Horn

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Beetle Human

Rank: First Mate of the Red Dawn Pirates (MorpiceRedwood's Warlords Crew)
270,000,000 (Frozen)

Physical: He is abnormally tall yet slim having a slightly more muscular build than a swimmers. His eyes are a deep emerald green. His hair is blood red with streaks of golden blonde running through it, his hair itself cut short and normally messy.
Height: 8ft 6in
Weight: 254lbs
Tattoos:… this is tattooed on his back
Clothing: He wears a set of loose fitting slightly baggy black pants which are tucked into his steel toed army style boots. Over all that he wears a deep blue kimono with silver waves embroidered on it the inside of the kimono being colored a emerald green. Around his waist he wears a large golden yellow sash with the loose ends of the sash hanging down close to the ground and the sash itself being slightly loose on being tied around him.

Hybrid Appearance: When Magnus transforms he removes the upper half of his kimono letting it drape down around his waist held by his sash. His body becomes a hard insect exoskeleton giving him a natural armor increasing his durability even further. His coloring of his back and head now change to a deep crimson red with the tattoo on his back transforming from a well detailed tattoo into a golden marking on the part of his shell encasing his wings the tattoo growing in size with him, while his chest and abs color is a jet black. On his head he grows the two large horns natural to the beetle which can open and close allowing him to grab onto his target. He also grows two extra arms while in the hybrid state giving him a total of six limbs fours arms and his two legs.

Hybrid Height: 10ft 3in
Hybrid Weight: 319lbs

Sword name- The Beetle Horns: He has forged two blades taking the shape of the bottom horn of a Hercules beetle both of those blades able to separate at the center transforming the blades into two blades allowing him a total of four blades when in his hybrid state.

Devil Fruit: (Custom fruit) Insect Insect fruit model: Hercules Beetle…
The User is able to transform into a large Hercules beetle and Hercules beetle hybrid.

Abilities & Techniques:
(Hybrid/ Full Beetle abilities)
Being a beetle he is capable of flight allowing him to take to the skies in a fight.
His hardened exoskeleton allows him a strong defense against bullets normally taking no damage from gunfire as they bounce off his skin with the exception of seastone bullets or armor piercing types of bullets at which point can pierce his skin. Though when encasing his body with haki it's able to lessen the damage from armor piercing but not stop it and seastone bullets are not affected period.

Busoshoku Haki: He is able to use armament haki perfectly being able to fully encase his body in haki thus allowing him both an increase in his defenses a well as increase his strength of attack as well as the ability to cause damage to logia users.

Further Information:
Swordsmanship- He is a exceptional swordsman able to hold his own when in sword on sword combat and when in his hybrid state formed his own four sword style to take advantage of his extra limbs should he wish.


United States
One Piece Fanatic

Current Residence: Enies Lobby Gates of Justice leading to Impel Down
deviantWEAR sizing preference: whats this???
Print preference: portrait or landscape dosen't relly matter to me
Favourite genre of music: will try anything at least once
Favourite photographer: can't think of any
Favourite style of art: fantasy
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod, cd player
Shell of choice: Rob Lucci of CP9 or Sir Crocodile of The Seven Warlords of The Sea(wow this ones long)
Wallpaper of choice: Rod Lucci (Leopard Form)
Skin of choice: Rob Lucci, Sir Crocodile
Favourite cartoon character: Between Rob Lucci of CP9 and Sir Crocodile of The Seven Warlords of The Sea
Personal Quote: I will protect my friends and the ones I love to my Dying breath(with the lord to guide me)

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